2017 Spring Tournament

Player Assessments (U11 and up)

Starting with the U11 age group, players are formed into teams for the season based on their general level of skills. 

The primary purpose for this is to have players of roughly similar skill levels on the same team and playing against teams of roughly the same skill level.

This is seen to be the best approach for player’s confidence (as they will not be asked to play in groups significantly above their skill level) while at the same time making sure the players are significantly challenged and engaged (which might be a problem if they play in groups that are significantly below their skill level)

Once teams are formed, the club and the league then place teams of similar skill levels into groups with the goal of having very competitive and evenly balanced games. These groups are broken into tiers (Gold, Silver and Bronze) and, from U12 onwards, into subgroups within tiers (e.g. Gold 1 and Gold 2). These groups may be adjusted from time to time during the season if teams are either dominating or struggling in their current groups.

How to Prepare for the Assessment Sessions

Assessment sessions can be very stressful for some players (and parents), especially those who have not been through the process before. Below are some tips to help your child prepare for the assessment sessions:

1. Remind them that it is not a “competition”. Although kids will do this anyway, avoid comparisons with other players.
2. Remind players that the goal is to find a team of players who are at a similar level as them so they can have a great season together.
3. Encourage them to “do their best”, to have fun and enjoy the sessions and to see it as a chance to play more soccer.
4. Players should “warm-up’ before the assessment sessions but not to the point where they are tired for the actual session.

What to Expect at the Assessment Sessions

Assessments will be conducted by the club’s Technical Directors along with assessors chosen by the Technical Directors and/or the club.

Players will be assessed on a variety of factors including Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental elements. This is important as players will be assigned to teams not just on their technical skills. Some of the more important non-technical skills that assessors will be looking for include speed and agility, attitude, communication, focus and teamwork.

Players will be asked to participate in a variety of drills and activities designed to give the assessors insight into the player’s abilities and levels.

What is Expected of Players and Parents at the Assessment Sessions

Players are expected to attend ALL assessment sessions for their level unless notified otherwise by the club.

Players will be asked to check-in at the registration desk and to sign a waiver before participating in the assessments. Check-in opens 60 minutes before the start of the session and closes 15 minutes before the start of the session. This is important as players arriving after the check-in session has closed may need to wait before being able to participate in the session so please plan to be early.

Players will receive a uniquely numbered/coloured sports bib which will be used to identify them during the assessments

Players should bring water bottles and appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

Parents are expected to be PASSIVE OBSERVERS ONLY and should not interfere with the assessments. This includes coaching or calling out instructions to players, coming onto the field, approaching the assessors, etc. If there is a concern regarding your child, someone from the club will come to you directly.

Player Assessments and Team Formation

Following the assessment sessions, the assessment results (along with other channels of player feedback) will be reviewed by the Technical Directors and club officials and the team formation process will begin.

For each group, the process is expected to proceed as follows:

1. The top ranked players will be identified and assigned to the highest level team. Invitations will then be sent out by email inviting players to join that team. Players will then be given a fixed amount of time to respond to accept the offer.

2. Once all positions on that team are assigned, invitations will go out to the next group of players for the next highest level team and they will be given a fixed amount of time to respond

3. This process will continue until all players have been assigned to teams.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the ICSF Technical Directors at