Technical Director

Frank Iuele’s commitment to youth soccer, and his experience as an educator, is second to none. He not only has a very good reputation as a mentor to our coaches and players, he also has the drive and commitment to continue to enrich our youth program at ICSF. His experience includes playing at the national level and  lots of success in coaching kids resulting in many provincial titles, national titles and even a North American title to his credit. Frank has successfully taken many teams to compete in Europe and uses these coaching experiences along with his collaborative relationship with CSA’s Technical Director for Long Term Player Development.

As Technical Director, Frank will be working with our coaches and teams and will conduct planned strategic sessions designed to assist them in preparation for their season.

With Frank Ieule as Technical Director,  ICSF will continue to create an environment for our players that will facilitate a love of soccer, a focus on technical development, along with helping to develop good human beings in a fun positive environment.

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